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Cleaning in focus | Hako autonomous machines

Autonomous cleaning equipment is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to simultaneously improve efficiency and cleaning standards.

Briggs Equipment is here to guide you through how this revolutionary technology works and how it can help your business cut costs, save time and improve productivity.

The Products

There are currently two Hako autonomous cleaning machines available on the market, and whilst each machine has varying capabilities and applications, they both use the same technology to achieve the very best cleaning and safety standards.

Hako Roboscrub

The RoboScrub is an autonomous scrubber dryer cleaning solution suitable for a wide range of environments, including warehouses, factories, shopping centres and hospitals.

By using the latest image processing sensor technology the RoboScrub is able to navigate even the most complex environments to provide a safe, consistent and reliable clean.

Take a look at the Roboscrub in action below:

Hako Whiz Vacuum

Hako’s Whiz vacuum is a compact but powerful autonomous vacuum that can make a real difference to any indoor space or office area. Using an advanced sensor capture system and real-time intelligent reporting, the Whiz achieves a safe, consistent and reliable clean.

Even the most cramped areas such as meeting rooms, seating areas and desk spaces can easily be negotiated.

Why autonomous cleaning?

There are many benefits to choosing an autonomous cleaning solution. Primarily, they allow you to use the resources of your cleaning teams more efficiently. For example, once the machine has learned its route and has begun cleaning, the team can focus on other tasks that they don’t usually have the time to achieve.

The cleaning performance compares well with traditional cleaning equipment and the real-time reporting capability enables you to accurately analyse usage and output, which helps better inform budgetary and operational decisions.

Is it safe?

The real-time image processing technology used by the RoboScrub and Whiz, means that any obstacles are identified and avoided. Even the most complex environments are easily negotiated and in case of an emergency the shut down button is clearly accessible.

Hako has developed an excellent reputation for safety across its product range and this is extended across the autonomous range.

Hire or purchase?

As with all industrial cleaning equipment available from Briggs Equipment, the Roboscrub and Whiz are both available for hire and contract rental. With our Briggs Finance system, we can provide tailored agreements to meet your requirements.

Whether you have a peak in demand or would like to trial the equipment for a short period of time, we can accommodate.

There are lots of benefits to hiring your cleaning equipment, click here  to read more about how a hire agreement could be the right choice for your business.

How to find out more!

We have a dedicated cleaning team who are on-hand to help answer any questions you might have about our cleaning products.

Get in touch to find out more about how autonomous cleaning can help keep your business moving!

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