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Hyster Tracker Wireless Asset Management

This wireless asset management system from Hyster improves operator performance, helps to drive fleet efficiency and reduces your operational costs.

Hyster Tracker gives you remote hour meter/usage tracking reports; you will have access to data and reports showing usage of either individual trucks or an entire fleet. That means you have access to information you can present to your business to justify investment and prove operational efficiency.


Whether you own or lease, your lift truck fleet represents a significant investment; an investment that needs to be protected from abuse, neglect and unauthorized operation. With impact sensing, preventative maintenance tracker and access control applications, Hyster Tracker helps promote operator performance through impact alerts, maintenance tracking and management, and truck operator limitations (when access control is enabled). Using standard OSHA pre-shift checklists or specific industry-mandated checklists, this Hyster Tracker option ensures that the truck will not operate until the operator has completed the checklist(s).

If you want to have complete control over the information about your fleet, and you want it to be real-time data, take a closer look at Hyster Tracker.

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