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Why become an apprentice engineer?

Why become an apprentice engineer?

At this time of year many young adults will be starting to think seriously about what they would like to do post-exams. Perhaps with the rise in university fees in recent years, that path is less appealing.

How can I achieve a well-paid, interesting job where my skills will be valued and in demand without racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt? You may ask.

It’s simple; apply for the Briggs engineer apprentice scheme.

Here are six good reasons to become a Briggs apprentice engineer…

1. Satisfaction of creating and fixing something

Current apprentice Brad Webb sees this as a huge positive of his role. He told us, “As part of my apprenticeship I also have the opportunity to spend some time out with the Field based Engineers, where I enjoy the satisfaction of going to site and fixing the customer’s problem, particularly as you don’t know what the cause is until you get there and being able to identify that on my own, fix it and then have my mentor check it and sign it off as correct feels like a great achievement. That is when my knowledge is put to the test and I know I am really learning.”

Read Brad Webb’s interview on his experience of our apprenticeship scheme

Read Lee Ryan’s interview on his experience of our apprentice scheme

2. Opportunity to do something different every day

Our engineering team doesn’t just fix forklifts, they can fix anything from access platforms, to sweepers, to mini diggers, to excavators, to tractors, quad bikes or golf buggies.

Duncan Boulter who made the transition from the REME to civilian life with Briggs assured us, “Every day is a school day and I can honestly say no two days are the same. If you think Briggs Equipment is only about servicing and maintaining FLTs think again. A typical day for me will be repairing a tractor, servicing a FLT, fixing a scissor lift and finishing off with repairing and test operating a chainsaw!”

3. Skills shortage means plenty of jobs and a valued skillset

Some of our qualified engineers have been with the company for many years and are drawing closer to retirement which means that we need to keep feeding our workforce with new skilled engineers. This means that we go the extra mile to train and retain talent within our business, so not only will we invest heavily into your training but we will want to look after you so that you stay with us for life. We also offer a very competitive starting salary for our apprentices to show that we are serious about your future.

4. We help you build the skills and confidence you need, we don’t just throw you in at the deep end

You will work under a mentor and won’t be sent out into the field on your own until at least your third year with Briggs. This means you will always have somebody you can trust to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

5. You earn while you learn

Learning whilst on the job means that you don’t have to take an evening or weekend job to support your learning. This means that your free time is exactly that! An important factor to consider is that you will not have to pay for your qualifications, and you will qualify completely debt free.

6. Become part of one of the UK biggest engineering teams

You will be joining a team of over 600 experienced engineers, who have already earned Briggs an excellent reputation with our customers. You can expect a warm welcome at many of our customer sites.

If this sounds like a career that appeals to you, why not apply for our apprentice scheme intake for 2018 now?

All you will need to do is fill out a simple application form detailing your previous work history if you have any, and your current qualifications and tell us why you think you would be suited to an engineering apprentice programme.

Apply here

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