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Why exchange manual cleaning for Hako cleaning equipment in your warehouse?

Why exchange manual cleaning for Hako cleaning equipment in your warehouse?

There are a number of clear benefits to hiring a Hako Sweeper and a scrubber drier over continuing to use a sweeping brush and mop and bucket.

Not only is using industrial equipment more efficient and can often save you money in the long term, but it improves health and safety in your business.

Increasing efficiency

When dry brushing, dust spreads from the floor to the air and will settle higher, for example, on racking and possibly into air conditioning units. This will then require a full warehouse clean more often. By combining an industrial sweeper and scrubber drier you will prolong the lifetime of your floor as well as seeing significant results in cleanliness.

Improved Health and Safety

Dry brushing is a manual job and requires the user to constantly pick up the collected debris and dispose of it manually. Not only will dry brushing take longer and cost the company more in the longer term, but you are exposing staff to air bound dust as it is displaced. When these dust particles are breathed in over long periods of time, they can cause significant risks to health. Hako sweepers are designed to limit the amount of dust by using vacuum technology with the filtration system, which filters and contains the dust. Dust and debris are collected in the hopper and only need emptying when full.


Much like the scrubber driers, Hako sweepers can be adapted to the user’s individual needs, a softer brush for picking up light dust, to a heavy grain brush to pick up larger debris.

Briggs Equipment and Hako; the partnership with the flexibility to meet your needs

The partnership brings with it a number of key benefits including a guaranteed maximum 3-hour service response that was previously unheard of within the cleaning industry which recognises the importance of cleaning equipment in the continuity of operations.

Not only is Hako equipment available on long term hire contracts from Briggs, but it is also available on Short Term Hire. Our Short Term Hire team have received extensive product training on the entire Hako range, so are able to identify the best machine for your environment meaning you don’t have to be the expert.

If you do opt to take your Hako equipment on Short Term Hire and you like it so much that you want to keep it, we can create a bespoke finance package to suit you through our BE Finance solution.

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