Working with you to achieve sustainability goals

Did you know that via a combination of innovative products and infrastructure solutions, Briggs Equipment has the capability to help your business achieve its sustainability goals and contribute towards a successful carbon strategy?

Through a wide range of measures, implemented over a number of years and with exciting future plans in place, we can help businesses of all sizes reduce their environmental impact. Below we have identified some of the key areas that we’re focusing on and how this activity can contribute towards a successful carbon strategy for our customers.

Briggs Equipment is a carbon neutral organisation

We plant a tree for every truck we sell


trees planted so far

It all starts with our equipment

At Briggs, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the products and technology that will help them operate in a sustainable fashion.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners not only to identify and source appropriate equipment, but we’re also involved in the product development and research process to help bring green technology and products to market.

In recent years there has been significant technological advancements in terms of the availability, and efficiency of environmentally friendly industrial equipment. This means that an increased proportion of our product range is benefitting from electrification and battery powered technology. As an example, the Big Trucks product group now includes a number of electric options, which is significant given the traditionally high levels of fuel consumption and emissions from this type of machine.

Whilst the overall objective must be focused moving towards greener and most sustainable solutions, there should also be consideration for how we can develop existing technology to become more environmentally friendly. Through Hyster’s Stage V compliant diesel engines, we’ve been able to take a huge step forward, allowing our customers with even the most demanding applications to still achieve certain green objectives and reduce their carbon footprint. These new Stage V engines, which have now been fitted to all Hyster trucks with a capacity above 18 tonnes, reduce fuel consumption without compromising on productivity and lifting speeds.

This increase in choice of electric and sustainable products is also having a positive impact on availability and affordability. Businesses of all sizes can now see electric equipment as a viable option for inclusion in their fleet. As the technology continues to develop, efficiency and productivity will inevitably follow suit and we’ll continue to experience better performance and longer run times from electric and battery powered machines.

In terms of what the future holds for industrial equipment, we’ll continue to proudly advocate for greener technology and products for our customers to invest in. The potential of alternative energy sources such as fuel cell technology and the ongoing development of Lithium-Ion technology means that Briggs customers will remain at the forefront of sustainable working in their industry.

A trusted Carbon Neutral Partner

As a Briggs customer you’ll be partnered with an organisation that doesn’t just talk about an environmental strategy but makes clear and tangible commitments.

We are certified as a carbon neutral business by the UK’s leading accreditation body, which means that our carbon emissions are offset through projects in the UK and around the world that reduce the amount of CO²e in the earth’s atmosphere.

By offsetting our Carbon Footprint, we’re making a lasting impact on Climate Change for generations to come. In addition to protecting the climate, every project that we’re contributing towards also supports local communities with sustainable development, such as providing safe drinking water, improving health and creating local jobs, as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

A key element of our environmental commitment moving forward is our pledge to plant a tree for every single truck that we sell. This is a separate initiative to the activity included in our Carbon Neutral Britain partnership, and will help us offset the environmental impact of new equipment. More details about this project can be found by clicking here.

A culture of Environmental Commitment

From an infrastructure standpoint we’ve also developed solutions and software that provide unrivalled support in helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

For example, our BE Portal fleet management software has been designed to enable our customers to identify inefficiencies within their equipment fleet and wider operations. By delivering greater scrutiny, companies have clear evidence of how they can reduce their environmental impact and deliver improvements across the board. We’re also continuing to use BE Portal to improve our engineer allocation, which results in less travel time and quicker responses.

One of major issues that companies have traditionally found with accessing electric or sustainable industrial equipment is the associated costs. As already covered, these products are now becoming much more affordable. However, at Briggs we’re going even further to ensure our customers can experience the benefits of sustainable working. Through our in-house Briggs Finance platform, we are able to structure and deliver sensible financial agreements for our equipment. This means that companies can work directly with us to not only source their electric fleet, but also structure a financial plan that is tailored to their individual circumstances, short-term requirements and long-term plans.

Additionally, we’ve also started the process of replacing all petrol and diesel vehicles from our commercial company fleet with hybrid and electric vehicles.

This is just the start

We know that we can’t fix the environmental problems on our own and it has to be a collective effort from businesses and individuals across the world.

What we can do though is ensure sustainability forms a key part of our overall business strategy moving forward and continue providing our customers with everything they need to achieve their own sustainability goals and objectives.

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