Safety, Health Quality & Environment

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) are truly part of our DNA. For many years now these important topics have been centrally embedded in our long-term strategies and deeply rooted in our group wide core values.

A cornerstone of this is our Group Wide SHEQ strategy which sets out a clear vision of the type of business we want to be from a SHEQ Perspective along with some carefully identified long-term High-Level Goals that will guide us towards that destination. Each year our Senior Leaders are tasked with setting their own specific objectives that are relevant to their business unit but aligned to our desired direction of travel. Taking this approach ensures that every year all parts of our business are consistently driving towards our overall SHEQ Vision.

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Health & Safety

‘Safety First’ is our number one core value at Briggs Equipment and this has been brought to life over the last decade through our ‘BE Safe’ movement.

The focus of our BE Safe movement has been to embed a practical, positive and proactive approach to health, safety, environment and quality throughout all corners of the Briggs Group that focuses on continuous engagement and meaningful contributions at all levels. Our ambitions of embedding a ‘Safety First’ mentality and a ‘Stop, Think, Take Action’ attitude within the psyche of all employees allows us to maintain focus on the ‘real world’ management of risks whilst continuously challenging the ‘Status Quo’ of how we do things.

Environment & Sustainability

Continuous environmental improvement and ongoing compliance.

As a responsible business we fully recognise and welcome the duty we have to ensure we remain committed to systematically reducing our impact to the Environment and increasing our sustainability. As such we have been externally accredited to ISO 14001 for many years. Our integrated ISO Management System provides a solid foundation for environmental continuous improvement and ongoing compliance.

In recent years through participation in the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and the Streamline Energy Carbon Reporting Scheme (SECR) we understand our group wide Carbon Footprint better than ever. Recognising our responsibilities, we have engaged in reducing our Carbon Footprint via a variety of innovative means. 

Quality & Business Excellence

We've taken a positive evolutionary shift.

The quality of our work and the services we provide has always been of central importance to us at Briggs Equipment. We have been externally accredited to ISO 9001 for many years now. and in more recent years a fundamental pillar of our long-term group strategy has been to embed ‘Business Excellence’ throughout all areas of the Briggs Group.

Our drive towards Business Excellence has seen us take a positive evolutionary shift. Such is our commitment to this journey that we now employ a team of highly experienced full time Business Excellence Coaches and our investment in this expertise has allowed us to build our own bespoke Business Excellence Model, which we launched to our business in 2021.

Accreditations & Professional Memberships

Briggs Equipment currently holds the following recognised accreditations and professional memberships:


If you would like any further information on the management of health and safety at Briggs Equipment UK, please do not hesitate to contact us

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