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Briggs Equipment makes a positive impact at Avanti Environmental

Briggs Equipment makes a positive impact at Avanti Environmental

Customer: Avanti Environmental

Application: Waste and Recycling

Brand: Hyster, Pyroban, Bolzoni Attachments

Products: 2.5-3T Hyster forklifts

Avanti is one the UKs largest environmental management companies. They work directly with their customers in order to examine and map all waste types in order to provide re-use, recycling and recovery options in line with legislation and best practice. Avanti have taken 21 new Hyster trucks to cover five of their sites.


The nature of the environment prosed a number of areas for consideration.

  1. As each of the sites deals with different types of waste, each has unique requirements. One of the sites based on Knowsley Industrial Park near Liverpool deals specifically with hazardous waste which could have any value on the pH scale. This means that fumes from the waste have the potential to combust, meaning careful thought had to be given to the safety of the environment.
  2. Another of the sites, based nearby, deals with non-hazardous solid waste. Due to the many types of solid waste received on site, various attachments were required to handle it safely and efficiently. Previously, an engineer had to attend site every time they wished to change the attachment, which slowed the operation.
  3. The health and safety of both machines and staff working alongside the machines needed to be protected. Due to the nature of the sites, dust and debris being sucked into the cooling fans can be a common problem in these environments, damaging the machines and increasing cost of maintenance. From a staff safety perspective, man and machine work in close proximity, so to help avoid accidents additional safety features needed to be specified.


  1. To address the challenges associated with using the machines around fumes, some of the machines were specified with Pyroban protection. Being under a canopied area but with consistent air flow, the site was classified as a ‘zone 2’ area, which means the atmosphere may contain a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist and is not likely to occur in normal operation but if it does, will persist for a short period only. This system uses active gas detection to identify risk in the environment, resulting in immediate shut down of the forklift until the risk has passed.
  2. The solution for handling various materials efficiently was to specify quick-release clamps on seven of the machines, to enable the attachments to be changed on site by the team members without calling an engineer to site. The team have been trained to change the attachments and it can be done in less than 15 minutes, meaning there is no delay in completing the task in hand.
  3. To protect the machines from the ingress of dust and debris, mesh belly pans were fitted to filter the air flow into the cooling fans. To preserve staff safety, Blue Spot Pedestrian Awareness Lights were fitted to provide a visual warning to pedestrians for oncoming vehicles.


Chris Vasey, Group Operations Director said, “After a rigorous tender process Briggs Equipment was selected to provide our locations with new forklift trucks. In selecting the ongoing supplier our prime considerations were safety, support and cost in that order and Briggs won on all counts. The quality of the equipment, the control systems and specialist partners involved give me great confidence that our business will realise safety improvements, maintenance savings and associated production efficiencies over a long and fruitful relationship.”

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