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Forty push their driving skills to the limit with Briggs at the Wickes Driver Challenge

Forty push their driving skills to the limit with Briggs at the Wickes Driver Challenge

Forty brave volunteers recently put themselves forward for a variety of technical challenges as part of the Wickes Driver Challenge 2018.

The challenges were designed by Briggs to test the limits of their theoretical and practical knowledge including accuracy and safety when operating materials handling equipment.

Taking place at the Salt House Road Distribution Centre in Northampton, practical challenges included the High Game operating the Reach Truck, successfully navigating a figure of eight on a LLOP, and the Wide Game on the Counterbalance which involved navigating a wide load through a chicane of pallets without touching them.

Drivers were assessed using a points based system and could gain points by completing a full series of pre shift checks and completing the activity in a short period of time, and lose points by knocking obstacles with the load or trucks.

Theoretical challenges included guessing the replacement cost of five parts, during which it was very interesting to hear the wide range of answers given and the perceived value of equipment. This activity is likely to make them think about how they can ensure they continue to take the best care of the equipment they operate day to day.

There was a winner for each of the challenges with prizes awarded, and all participants received Briggs goodies and a box of chocolates.

The winners and finalists of each challenge were:

High game with reach truck
1st place – Marek Fiega
2nd place – Tony Gurnsham
3rd place – Jacek Musielewicz

Wide game with counterbalance truck
1st place – Vaidotas Grigaitis
2nd place – Chris Rock
3rd place – Marcin Kisiel

Figure of eight with LLOP
1st – Charlie Rigby
2nd – Nitu Octian – Nicolae
3rd – Norbet Geic

Briggs Equipment works in conjunction with the Travis Perkins Group to organise annual driver challenges   as part of the staff engagement programme.

Nick Wilson, Assistant General Manager for Travis Perkins, said; “As a point of staff engagement this day was really well received by the colleagues, and also some laughs along the way. This also gave the team the opportunity to guess cost of repairs  allowing them to get an appreciation of what we spend as a group on an ongoing basis keeping MHE up to standard, as well as allowing them to show off the skills they have as professional  drivers. We are looking forward to driving this relationship forward with Briggs and Mentor, fellow colleagues who watched the competition this year are very keen to take part next year so we anticipate any even higher level of participation.”

Briggs looks forward to further supporting Travis Perkins on this fun and educational initiative in future years.

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