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The Red Diesel exemption is ending – here’s how Briggs Equipment can support your business

The Red Diesel exemption is ending – here’s how Briggs Equipment can support your business

What changes are being made?

From 1st April 2022, many businesses will no longer be entitled to use red diesel and will be required by law to switch to white diesel. There are limited exemptions to this ruling in some industry sectors  such as fisheries, forestry and some rail services, but large swathes of UK industry will be impacted. The change is a result of the Government’s drive to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This will mean that businesses need to either change from red to white diesel, which is taxed at the standard rate, or make the switch to electric or LPG configured machines. Currently, red diesel is priced at £0.75p per litre but will soon rise up to £1.51p per litre

Businesses who make the change from red diesel to white diesel will see the cost for an average 5-truck fleet increase by £22,000 a year or by £110,000 over a 5-year contract.

How can Briggs Equipment help?

The financial implications of these changes can be extremely daunting for any business. No matter your fleet size, an increase in refuelling costs on this scale will have significant impacts on the bottom line. This does however present an opportunity for companies to make a switch not only away from red diesel, but from diesel completely.

By making the change and investing in more sustainable fuel options such as LPG or electric, businesses will not only avoid the financial burden of operating diesel equipment, but they will be reducing their environmental impact. Inevitably, there are many questions about taking that leap and at Briggs Equipment we’ve got the expertise, experience and tools to help support your business through the entire process.

From a product perspective, there has never been a better time to ‘go green’. There is now a wider selection of environmentally friendly equipment than there ever has been previously. Electrification is now available for larger and larger machines, meaning we can meet the requirements of demanding applications. Whether you’re operating a fleet of Big Trucks in a major port or working with a small number of machines in a warehouse environment, there are now sustainable options available that don’t compromise on performance.

Should your forklift fleet need to remain diesel powered, Hyster / Yale produce one of the most fuel efficient machines on the market today in the form of the A/N series range

Our support doesn’t just stop at products, we’ve also got technology to help our customers manage their fleet, secure flexible agreements for equipment and even calculate the whole life cost of their fleet. Partnering with Briggs enables you to plan for your business to move away from diesel for economic and environmental reasons.

Don’t let this opportunity pass, build your carbon strategy with Briggs by choosing electric or LPG for your equipment fleet.

To find out more about how Briggs Equipment can support your business in making the switch from diesel to a more sustainable future, call us today on 03301 23 98 50 or email [email protected]

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