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Improve forklift operator comfort with the Yale Series N

A Yale Series N forklift with a customisable cabin that provides superior comfort for operators

We hear all the time about how important it is for businesses to provide their forklift operators with a comfortable working environment. The Yale Series N trucks are equipped with a high specification cabin that has a wide range of customisable options to support your operators and help keep business moving.

Deliver clarity to your forklift operators

The excellent visibility delivered by the Yale Series N, can help boost operator confidence, productivity and efficiency. The cabin design provides 360 visibility, minimising obstructions and increasing the overall field of view.

This also gives the cabin a more premium automotive style finish, and appearance, enhancing the feel and quality for the operator inside the cabin. A standard heated rear window, similar to an automotive style window, and optional sunshade, help to support visibility outside the warehouse, such as in loading areas, all year-round.  Optional side view dual mirrors also enhance visibility.

Comfort and quality

In addition to the practical visibility improvements, the Series N also offers unprecedented levels of operator comfort whilst working.

It is built with a moulded fabric hood cover, plus moulded plastic covers to the front and rear posts and to the left and right top overhead guard bars. There is also a fabric rear lower cross member cover. Excess noise is also reduced at the driver’s ear level.

There’s also an ergonomic full-colour touchscreen display that provides intuitive control for the operator, and an optional Console to easily transport clipboards, iPads and drink bottles.

Supporting your productivity

Excellent forklift entry and exit can be useful for busy intralogistics operations where operators may be required to frequently leave the truck during a shift. This is a feature of the Yale Series N forklift high specification cabin.

The cabin’s rear drive handle with horn button may also help to aid productivity and safety during reversing operations. They enable the operator to reverse comfortably and confidently, particularly in busy intralogistics operations where lift truck operators typically encounter pedestrians and other trucks, both indoors and outdoors.

These features contribute to keeping business moving throughout your intralogistics operation.

If you’re thinking of adding the customisable Yales Series N forklift truck to your materials handling fleet, and want to learn more about the high specification cabin options available, speak to the expert Briggs Equipment team today!

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