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#InFocus – Danielle Lavender

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It’s that time again! This week we welcome Briggs Equipment’s very own Danielle Lavender to our #InFocus series.

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So Danielle, How long have you been working at Briggs?

“Three years in September.”

What does your job role involve?

“We are the support for the Controller’s Team Leader and the wider business for escalations and concerns. We provide area cover and have a general responsibility for a region. We are also there as a support tool for the controllers to assist where we can, to ease some pressure off a very busy role.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“Each day is different and I get the opportunity to learn about the wider business.”

What is your proudest moment in your career at Briggs?

“Getting the role as deputy, working closely with the West region and watching the team’s figures improve over the last six months.”

What is your biggest achievement as part of the team?

“Training a new member of staff up to be a wonderful controller and a great part of the team in the West.”

Could you explain a bit more about the impact the Deputy role has on other areas of the business?

“It’s given the wider team a main point of contact for each region for gathering more information. The deputy role has also aided reducing the figures of aged WIP and being able to put a focus on customers like Travis Perkins and Wickes.”

What’s your favourite film?

“It’s a tie between Marvel’s Infinity War and End Game. Both made me cry, in the cinema no less. Anybody that knows me knows I’m a big ‘movie buff’ generally so it’s tough question!”

Favourite meal?

“It would be between a steak ramen or a Sunday roast. Although my team would say it would be the noodles as it’s my go to lunch when payday is looming!”

Favourite Musician?

“My car playlist is a little all over the place. my music taste varies from Rock to Musicals so I couldn’t pick just one! Although Elvis never gets skipped in my house.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Progress isn’t linear.”

Who are your role-models?

“I would say my Mum, as cheesy as it sounds. She’s an incredible, independent women that has worked for everything she’s got and I think it’s inspiring.”

It’s been great chatting with you Danielle and thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

We look forward to sharing our next #InFocus chat with Claire Robinson next week.

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