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Future Proofing and Service Quality Seals the Deal for Sealed Air UK

Future Proofing and Service Quality Seals the Deal for Sealed Air UK

Future Proofing and Service Quality Seals the Deal for Sealed Air UK

Customer: Sealed Air UK

Brand: Hyster

Location: St Neots, United Kingdom

Sealed Air is a global supplier of packaging solutions which serve a wide range of industries from food to pharmaceuticals  The company serves over 117 countries, with 106 manufacturing plants, 39 Packaging Design and Application Centres and a global workforce of over 16,000.


Briggs Equipment has been working with the UK division of Sealed Air since 2016, supplying a fleet of 14 Hyster forklifts to help manage their operations.

However, a new manufacturing system designed to improve all aspects of the production process, was recently introduced at their site. This meant that to meet the added demands of a new way of working and achieve maximum operational efficiency, Sealed Air required an update to their existing fleet.


One of Sealed Air’s key requirements was to have an equipment solution that not only worked for today but was also future proof. Therefore, any proposal put forward by Briggs had to be able to keep pace with future business development and be fit for purpose over a long term period.

To help identify a solution that met these requirements, Briggs worked closely with Sealed Air UK’s on site team over a number of weeks. This process included evaluations of the new manufacturing practices that were in place, a detailed site survey, insight into their development plans and analysis of how their existing trucks were performing.

As a result, a proposal including six new forklifts and a renewal of eight existing trucks was agreed. The new trucks included 5 x Hyster ride on powered pallet trucks and 1 x Hyster four wheel counterbalance electric forklift. Several of these trucks feature tailored customisations to ensure optimum performance in their new working environment. The performance analysis of the existing fleet highlighted low usage in a number of trucks, which meant renewals were the most appropriate solution for the remaining machines.


Following communication with Sealed Air UK’s European Headquarters, the proposal was agreed in late 2020 and the new trucks were delivered on site ready for use in May 2021. Given the extensive preparation and site evaluation process undertaken by the Briggs Equipment team, the new trucks fit seamlessly into Sealed Air UK’s newly expanded operation and manufacturing processes.​


The approach of delivering a hybrid solution consisting of new machines and renewals will deliver significant cost savings to Sealed Air and ensure that their business has an equipment solution that continues to be fit for purpose.   Kirk Kidd, Group Logistics Leader, Sealed Air UK commented: “Briggs supplied the most comprehensive and detailed proposal, which enabled us to make an informed decision on the new fleet. Briggs were also able to reduce overall cost and offer unique solutions and flexibility. “I would like to mention the two engineers that have serviced the trucks on our site (Stuart and Sam). They have both been a credit to Briggs and go above and beyond to help rectify even the smallest of issues.”

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