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New Hyster Pyroban forklifts improve efficiency and safety for Robinson Brothers

New Hyster Pyroban forklifts improve efficiency and safety for Robinson Brothers

Customer: Robinson Brothers

Brand: Hyster (Pyroban Gaschecka fitted)

Location: West Bromwich, United Kingdom

Salesperson: Lee Brookes

Robinson Brothers is a leading UK chemical manufacturer of fine chemicals and rubber accelerators. Established as a regular and reliable supplier to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Speciality industries, Robinson Brothers has been providing excellence in chemistry for over 150 years.


Robinson Brothers required a new fleet of forklift trucks that could safely and efficiently transport heavy loads across its chemical manufacturing facility in West Bromwich. As the warehouse handles a variety of challenging chemicals, the new trucks had to be equipped and designed to work safely in that specialist environment. In addition, they were also looking for equipment that helped to significantly improve the efficiency of their operations by reducing on-site fuel consumption.


Lee Brookes, Regional Sales Executive for Briggs Equipment, worked closely with the on-site team at Robinson Brothers to understand their requirements and identify a successful solution.

Following the completion of an in-depth site evaluation, a new fleet of trucks that included four Hyster 2.5FT diesel counterbalance trucks with Zone 2 Pyroban and two Hyster 2.5FT diesel counterbalances with Pyroban Gaschecka, was put forward for consideration.  The Pyroban element of the new fleet was key in helping to meet Robinson Brothers’ requirements, as Pyroban are the world leader in providing solutions and modifying equipment to protect people, facilities and equipment in hazardous areas.  Additionally, the Gaschecka system actively detects combustible gases in the atmosphere and automatically immobilises the truck if any are found.


After the contract for the new fleet was agreed, preparations were made for the initial delivery of four Zone 2 Pyroban trucks, which arrived on-schedule in November 2019. The additional two Gaschecka trucks will be delivered in April 2020.

As a Briggs Equipment customer, Robinson Brothers were also given access to the in-house fleet management tool, BE Portal, which provides the capability to monitor their forklift truck usage, operating costs and servicing records 24/7.


The addition of the Hyster 2.5 trucks with safety systems fitted, has helped Robinson Brothers achieve their original goal of improving safety and efficiency when transporting materials across site.

Since delivery of the new machines, the feedback from operators has been extremely positive and there has been a noticeable improvement in productivity in areas where the new trucks are being used.

John Worth, Gas Odorant Manager at Robinson Brothers, commented: “We are pleased with the fleet of Hyster 2.5 Pyroban forklift trucks. These vehicles offer all-round visibility, safety mechanisms and conveniently located controls, which are essential to drive safely across the chemical manufacturing site.”

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