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Why call on the Briggs-Interfit partnership for all your tyre needs?

Why call on the Briggs-Interfit partnership for all your tyre needs?

Briggs-Interfit is the perfect partnership for looking after all of your fleet’s tyre needs. The importance of looking after your tyres and having a reliable and flexible supplier shouldn’t be underestimated. Your tyres literally keep your equipment on the move!

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should discuss your tyre requirements with us:

1. We are the experts so that you don’t have to be

The Briggs-Interfit partnership is the ideal tyre solution for your materials handling fleet.

Our combined expertise enables us to match the most suitable tyre and fitting service to your application, environment, equipment and budget.

2. Easy and efficient to work with

With just one point of contact across all of your sites and one price for your chosen tyre, you know exactly what to expect when you call us from any of your locations. What you can expect is a high quality product and superior level of service that is quick, efficient and easy to access. It takes us just 45 minutes on average to change tyres at your site, and we will always turn up fully equipped to do the job. This helps to increase the uptime of your fleet and echoes Briggs’ broader objective – to ensure continuity of your operation.

3. Not just for forklifts

We supply tyres for a wide variety of equipment and off the road applications, from JLG lifts to agricultural machines, so we can cover your entire fleet.

4. Plenty of choice to suit your budget

You don’t need to be the expert on tyres as we have a team of experts at Briggs-Interfit Tyreline ready to help you find the ideal solution for your fleet, keeping within your budget.

We can also help with planning and budgeting through our I-Rent contracts which mean you can rent your tyres instead of outright purchase, which splits the cost over the year and avoids any spikes in expenditure that may take you over your budget.

5. One easy phone call

For more information on how we can support you, call and speak to the experts on 03301 23 98 33.

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