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A change in philosophy | The benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment

A change in philosophy | The benefits of hiring your industrial cleaning equipment

At the upcoming ‘Manchester Cleaning Show’ exhibition (25-26 March 2020), Briggs Equipment and Astley Hire will be delivering a headline presentation exploring the business benefits of hiring industrial cleaning equipment and challenging the industry status-quo of outright purchasing.

There remains a belief within some businesses that the most efficient method of acquiring cleaning equipment is via outright purchase. This can often prove counter-productive for many businesses and there are usually hiring options available to them that will prove to be more suitable and efficient for their requirements.

Leigh Mason, Business Development Director at Briggs Equipment, has extensive experience within the cleaning industry and has been working to change their mindset with regards to the hiring of cleaning equipment:

“There are still a lot of challenges to overcome with regards to working with businesses who hire their industrial cleaning equipment. However, we’re undoubtedly making progress as we start to educate and inform around the key benefits of hiring and the increased efficiency and flexibility that can be achieved in comparison to outright purchasing.

“At Briggs, we’ve got a fantastic short-term hire team and our resources, knowledge and experience in this area allow us to provide an unrivalled offering for our customers and their industrial cleaning equipment.

“We’re looking forward to engaging with many more businesses over the coming months and providing a clear insight into the significant benefits that hiring can offer to them.”

As an example, Briggs and Astley have compiled a small sample of hiring benefits that can help drive demonstrable positive change for businesses:

  • Hiring provides the flexibility to tailor contracts to suit your needs
  • The ability to change machines and equipment as your cleaning requirements evolve
  • Regular service as part of your hire contract prevents the development of issues seen in unmaintained equipment
  • No need to arrange the servicing of your own equipment

Martin Doran, General Manager for Astley Hire, will be co-hosting the presentation at the Cleaning Show, and has also encountered similar experiences when hiring out their cleaning equipment:

“The concept of Hire has been around for a long time. At Astley Hire we are into our 64th year of providing hire equipment. Our clients feel the benefit of hire every single day across a wide range of products.

“Since we launched our Industrial Cleaning Equipment division in 2014, we have seen our clients change their approach and hire their cleaning equipment instead of buying it.

“A partnership with a good, quality hire company can allow businesses to increase their commercial competitiveness as well as have access to a whole new knowledge and skills base. It also allows you to focus on what you do best while we look after the machinery you use.”

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