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Briggs Finance – Keeping Business Moving

Busting the common short term hire myths!

The impact of Coronavirus has required companies to think closely about the financing of every aspect of their business.

It’s become abundantly clear that the rigid and inflexible money lender approach is incompatible for many businesses in 2020. Therefore, a finance option that works in partnership with their long-term plans and can respond to changes in demand is required.

As one of the UK’s leading asset management providers, Briggs Equipment has helped firms across the country create tailored financial road-maps that work for them. The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for flexibility when it comes to finance deals and that has been reflected by the nature and volume of requests received by Briggs Equipment over the past few months.

Leigh Edgley, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Briggs Equipment, discusses how the company has worked closely with customers throughout this period, and addresses some of the key questions regarding Briggs Finance and the benefits it can provide.

How does Briggs Finance differ from the solutions offered elsewhere in the market?

“Quite simply, it’s our own in-house financing facility with no third-party involvement in any of the agreements. This allows us the flexibility to adapt and move over time with our customers to continuously meet their requirements.

“Briggs Finance isn’t as rigid as other lending options, and that capability to take individual circumstances into account is a huge differentiator from the competition. We are committed to working closely with our partners from a wide range of industries and delivering a service that not only works for them today but is also future proof.”

How does Briggs Finance work?

“There are a number of different options designed to help businesses find the right deal for them. Depending on the equipment and terms, we build a specific agreement to suit and work collaboratively to help meet the customer’s requirements.

“With it being completely under our control, our team can quickly access the system, apply any changes and process agreements without the usual bureaucracy and drawn out decision process that comes with traditional banks or lenders. These delays often have a serious impact on the delivery time of equipment and stall the momentum you’re trying to create for your business.”

Does Briggs Finance just cover forklift truck agreements?

“Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a diverse product range and as part of that commitment we deliver the same service across our equipment offering. Whether you need to lease additional assets such as powered access, industrial cleaning or specialist warehousing equipment, we are perfectly positioned to support your objectives.”

What benefits will a Briggs Finance agreement bring to my business?

“The key benefits include no set-up or arrangement fees, quick decisions, no third-party involvement, tailored plans and trusted support.

However, Briggs Finance’s uniqueness comes in the form of the individual benefits it provides. With no one single agreement being the same, each customer will experience a different set of benefits, which is why it’s important to speak with us direct and learn how we can deliver added value rather than locking you in to unsustainable terms.”

How has Briggs Finance been able to support new and existing customers during the pandemic?

“What became obvious from the outset, was that operational and financial circumstances have changed significantly for businesses up and down the country. As a result, we received lots enquiries regarding existing agreements and the structuring of new deals. Unlike the inflexibility of capital equipment financing providers, we responded to companies in need by agreeing proposals that have quite simply been a lifeline.

“We have always been a business that’s adaptable to the needs of our customers and the environment that we’re operating in. Whilst the current situation could not have been foreseen, our ingrained culture and our core values of being easy to work with and building trust have meant that we’ve been able to support our customer base with a solution that’s fit for purpose in today’s world.

“Put simply, Briggs Finance can help keep your business moving at a time when it’s needed most.”

To find out more about how a tailored Briggs Finance agreement can work for you, speak to one of our expert and friendly team via 03301 23 98 50 or email: [email protected]

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