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Briggs Insight – Why does a Safety First culture matter?

Briggs Insight – Why does a Safety First culture matter?

Briggs Insight – Why does a Safety First culture matter?

Safety First as a concept is easy to support and transforming that idea into a reality can help have a real impact on employee wellbeing and help strengthen partnerships between a business and its customers.

When approaching a subject that’s as complex and multi-dimensional as safety, it’s important to note that there will always be risks within the workplace or on a customer site no matter the industry or location. Managing those risks and introducing a culture where safety is always at the forefront of people’s minds is however a realistic ambition and one that can make a big difference.

One of the key benefits of the Briggs approach to safety, and it’s something which we receive a lot of positive feedback about, is how this engrained culture enables our people to demonstrate key safety principles when visiting a customer site. This means that our customers can be confident that when a Briggs person is visiting or working at their location, they will have no issues with regards to health and safety compliance or infection control measures. During the pandemic this has been particularly valuable to our customers as our engineers have been working tirelessly to ensure they can keep business moving, all whilst operating in a safety first way.

Away from Coronavirus, we’re always on the lookout for ways in which we can improve safety standards for our customers.

For example, we’ve worked pro-actively with Howden’s to retro fit their fleet of materials handling equipment, which includes over 700 forklifts, with a new Overload Alarm System that’s designed to prevent incidents of this nature. Since its integration, there have been zero such reports and the feedback from Howdens’ 3,800 forklift operators has been extremely positive. This collaborative approach has even resulted in a Technology Risk Management Initiative award.

Safety lighting for machinery is also an area in which we have significant experience, and it’s an extremely effective method that businesses can implement to improve on-site safety standards. Working with one of our long term partners, Indespension, we were able to retro fit their existing fleet of forklifts with a wide range of safety features including blue halo lighting and illuminated livery. This has had an immediate positive impact on site for both forklift drivers and pedestrians.

Scott McGready, Briggs Equipment’s Group Head of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ), commented: “We have placed a huge importance on developing and implementing a culture of Safety First across our Group. There have been a number of initiatives to help us get the ball rolling, but mainly it’s been down to the willingness of our people to adopt those measures. This culture extends to our work with customers, and whether it’s a new or existing partnership we have a wide range of options when it comes making their operation as safe as it possibly can be.

“Developing a safety first culture within any business or organisation is a process that benefits everyone. Whether its employees, customers or site visitors, placing safety at the heart of every action can help improve productivity and wellbeing across the board.”

To find out more about how our approach to safety first can help benefit your business, please call 03301 23 98 50 or email [email protected]

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