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Supporting BIG venues with Short Term Hire!

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Briggs Equipment can support your business to deliver events and exhibitions to your customers. We can cater specifically to your needs and ensure that the most appropriate machines are made available to help you carry out the task at hand.

Our short term hire fleet is ever-growing and receives new investment each year. This means that we have a vast range of machines available to you and can accommodate even the most specific of needs.

How Has Briggs Supported Events?

As a unique example of our prominent role in the events/exhibition sector, our short term hire equipment helped with the set-up of a replica Typhoon fighter jet at the film premiere of the Top Gun: Maverick. We’ve also assisted with hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions over the years, including a complex project where we assisted with the transportation of over 100 boats at the NEC in Birmingham for BoatLife Live.

These are just two examples of how Briggs can assist your business in setting up events or exhibitions and keeping your businesses moving, no matter what the circumstances are. We will allow you to take on extra work without needing to purchase new machinery and worsen your cash flow.

If your business needs forklifts, access & cleaning equipment for a one-off project, then Briggs can facilitate this for you.

Steven Fogg, Head of Short Term Hire, said:

“We pride ourselves on our diverse range of stock as this allows us to work with such a wide array of businesses. We always look to meet the demands of our customers by identifying their individual needs and supplying them with the appropriate machine in a timely manner.”

Ready to get started?

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Find out more about just some of the events and venues that our short term hire solutions have supported over the years! 👇

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