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Briggs BE Portal keeps you in the driving seat

Briggs BE Portal keeps you in the driving seat

When managing a large materials handling fleet, it can be difficult to keep track of every machine, every cost and every service requirement as well as doing your day to day job ensuring the operation runs smoothly.

In recent years the pressure to optimise every aspect of your operation and its associated costs continues to build. But to be able to optimise every aspect, you must have transparency and whilst in the past this has involved a heavy task of collating many sets and sources of data via spreadsheets and the like, this doesn’t need to be the case as BE Portal provides full visibility on every aspect of your fleet’s performance from operational hours, to uptime, cost of repairs and servicing from the entire fleet, across multiple sites, by site and right down to each unique unit?

This information is all presented in an online reporting system for you and puts the power completely in your hands to manage your fleet to its full potential. It helps you to recognise trends and identify unnecessary costs to the business and remedy them.

BE Portal is an excellent tool for saving both time and money. You can save time by using it to log a breakdown, book a service and submit meter readings, which you can do 24/7.

You can save money by taking an in-depth look at your fleet costs, and minimising those that are outside of your contract. These are broken down into three main categories; management reports, spend analysis and machine information. The management reports are pulled into a clear dashboard and data such as machine downtime, response times and fleet uptime are demonstrated against a set of agreed KPIs. This not only provides visibility on how your fleet is performing, but also how quickly we are able to respond to service requests and get your machines up and running again. This visibility ensures we stay accountable and allows us to address any problems together.

How can you save money with BE Portal?

There are a number of tools within the portal that you can use to help analyse areas where you can achieve a cost saving.

Fleet rationalisation

One key area where it is possible to achieve a significant cost saving is by finding out whether you have the optimal number of machines in your fleet. It may be that you have more than you need, and could reduce the size of your fleet. BE Portal can support this analysis by providing visibility on the total number of hours worked by your fleet, and by individual machine hours.

Fleet rotation

Having visibility on the number of hours individual machines have worked means you can keep an eye on machines that are approaching their agreed contractual hours, and exchange them with machines in other departments that may be being under-utilised.

Reduce your damage costs

It’s not just the general running costs that you could save on; fair wear and tear is expected and an explanation of what this entails is accessible at www.briggsequipment.co.uk/advice/best-practice. You can keep track of service and repair costs at a fleet, site, model and unique machine level. The data provided includes a cost type, so that you can see exactly what you have services, for example new tyres. This means that you can identify recurring costs and seek to remedy them.

How can you save time with BE Portal?

BE Portal not only saves you time by providing the information you need to make management decisions without you having to spend hours pulling the information together, but makes the day to day tasks easier too. For example, you can log breakdowns, book a service and submit meter readings 24/7 at a time to suit you. All documents and reports associated with the machines are available to download via the portal whenever you need them.

Graham Bellman at Travis Perkins explained how BE Portal helps them to manage their fleet across over 2,000 locations in the UK;

“BE Portal is fundamental to how we manage our MHE fleet, and we really want one window on the world. Some time ago we integrated the portal into the business and embedded that into our intranet site, and all of the sites now use it to communicate with Briggs. It’s key around how we plan our maintenance and how we react to unscheduled maintenance. Everything is done online, they can see the progress of that call going through and when the engineer is due on site. Practically it has speeded up our operation. The fact of the matter is we have mechanical pieces of equipment and things will go wrong, but it’s the speed and efficiency of getting things put right at the right time. We can pinpoint where machines are and we can plan maintenance based on hours of use, so we are becoming more efficient.”

Why not speak to your Briggs sales representative about the benefits of implementing BE Portal on your sites? It is completely free of charge for Briggs customers so you have nothing to lose by trying it for yourself.

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