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Lee Ryan on why Briggs are serious about our apprentices

Lee Ryan on why Briggs are serious about our apprentices

Name: Lee Ryan

Location: Haydock workshop/Stafford College

Qualification: Diploma Level 2 and NVQ Level 2 in Construction Plant or Machinery Maintenance

Key achievements: Runner up for Briggs’ ‘Apprentice of the Year Award 2017.’

How did you hear about the Briggs apprentice scheme?

“I found the role on the government apprenticeship website. I already knew that I wanted to go into engineering and an apprenticeship seemed like the logical way forward.”

What made you apply for the role?

“Compared to other engineering apprenticeships advertised this role paid well, which I believe shows that Briggs’ are serious about their apprentices. It is all about the quality and the training rather than just coming to work to be a cheap labourer as you could be in other companies. On a personal level, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and building things. I knew engineering was for me after I did a week’s work experience in an engineering firm during Year 10 at school and really enjoyed it. ”

What have you enjoyed about the apprenticeship?

“I’ve enjoyed working on lots of different types of machinery, there is always something new to learn and it keeps me on my toes. I’m kept busy in the workshop and get on well with all of my colleagues and my mentor, working with good people makes such a difference.”

Would you recommend the apprenticeship to other young people?

“It’s a really good scheme on offer here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking towards a career in engineering. Briggs does a lot to look after you, for example, they put you up in a hotel whilst you are studying, they make sure that your meals are paid for, they even supply you with your own tools, all of which I know is really appreciated by all of us on the scheme. Not only that but the salary is well above the national minimum wage for apprentices which definitely makes you feel like you are valued by Briggs even from the get go, there is a great social side to the company with all of the charity activity and fundraising and there are good options for career advancement later on. Many of Briggs’ directors started their careers as apprentices!”

Gary Grundy, Briggs’ workshop manager, believes Lee has a bright future:

“Lee began the year steadily showing potential early on, with the support of the team around him and his drive to succeed he has improved as the year went on achieving all the targets given to him. Lee is proving to be an asset even at this early stage in his career completing tasks within his team of which a fully qualified engineer would be proud of. If Lee continues to improve and fulfil his potential he will become a very successful engineer for the future. The Apprentice of the year award was a very close run race between Lee and Brad and both of them should be proud of their achievements in 2017.”

For more information on Briggs’ Apprentice Scheme click here.


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