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Briggs Customer Experience team attend Monetize! 2022

Briggs Customer Experience team attend Monetize! 2022

The Briggs Customer Experience team recently attended Monetize! 2022 in Amsterdam to demonstrate our commitment to delivering outstanding customer experience.

Gemma Beddow, Head of Customer Relations, was a guest speaker at the event and presented to businesses all over the world detailing the successes, challenges, progress and results of our Customer Experience Team.

The event, which was held by our Account Experience software provider CustomerGauge, was a huge success and helped reiterate that positive Employee Experience can set the level of your Customer Experience.

The response to Gemma’s presentation was fantastic and the audience took away actionable feedback that they could implement in their own businesses. Our Customer Experience Specialists also discovered new innovative ideas that can be applied to and adopted in our own situation.

Earlier in the year the team were awarded ‘Close the Loop’ and ‘Best in Class’ awards by CustomerGauge.

Gemma, commented: “A short trip to Amsterdam to be in a room full of positivity, energy and new ideas was so rewarding and inspiring to all of us. The highlight for me personally was being able to present our journey, it was an amazing opportunity and showcased how we are proud to be Briggs.

“Listening to real stories and similar challenges was beneficial, everyone driving towards achieving the same goal of wanting your customers to have a fantastic experience, it was incredible.”

David Barber, Director of Customer Success at CustomerGauge said: “A huge thank you from us all at CustomerGauge for what you and your team contributed to the event. Your presentation really spoke so clearly around the task in hand for all the attendees making it real and achievable – inspiring!”

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