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There’s no limit to sustainable working with Briggs Equipment

There’s no limit to sustainable working with Briggs Equipment

In recent years, significant technological advancements have occurred to improve the fuel efficiency of industrial equipment. This means that an increased proportion of the Briggs Equipment product range, including Big Trucks, is benefitting from electrification, better engines, battery powered technology and alternative fuel sources.

Whilst there must continue to be a focus on moving towards greener and most sustainable solutions, consideration for how we can develop existing technology to become more environmentally friendly is also required. Through Hyster’s Stage V compliant diesel engines, we have been able to take a huge step forward allowing customers with even the most demanding applications to achieve certain green objectives and reduce their carbon footprint. These new Stage V engines, which have now been fitted to all Hyster trucks with a capacity above 18 tonnes, reduce fuel consumption without compromising on productivity and are also compliant with HVO fuel.

Mike Parkin, Briggs Equipment’s Head of Big Trucks, commented: “There’s a clear demand from our customers and the industry as a whole to embrace and invest in sustainable working. Many companies are looking to build an effective carbon strategy and at Briggs we have the capability and expertise to support all applications, even those that require heavy duty industrial equipment.

“The functionality and capability of our sustainable equipment solutions will only continue to improve and with the introduction of alternative fuel options, we have even greater scope to support our customers.”

To find out more about the sustainable solutions available within the Briggs Big Trucks range, speak to Mike Parkin today via: 07935 204 100 [email protected]

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