MasterMover - AGV Range

Meeting the demands of modern material handling challenges

MasterMover has an expanding range of Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions created in-house by its team of expert engineers and designers. With over 25 years of experience, MasterMover AGV solutions are created with innovation in mind to help businesses meet increasing needs for safety, efficiency and flexibility. MasterMover AGV electric tugs utilise best-in-class safety and navigation systems, to provide a solution that delivers time after time, day after day, helping you to maximise efficiency whilst keeping your people, loads and operating environment safe.

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Briggs Equipment is a supplier of the MasterMover Compact Range


The MasterTow range provides powerful load moving solutions capable of moving loads up to 20,000kg. The MasterTow is designed to withstand the toughest of environments and can be used inside and outside, on slopes and less-than-perfect surfaces. It offers an effective and powerful material handling solution where weight transfer is not possible, with ballast creating traction through the drive wheel.

The MasterTow can be used as a regular tug, but also has additional operator options including remote control and autonomous operation options to provide users with extreme flexibility.

Briggs Equipment is a supplier of the MasterMover Performance Range


As well as featuring AGV capabilities, the PowerSteered range features wireless remote-control operation along with patented MasterMover technology MultiLink. This allows two or more machines to be wirelessly synced to move together in unison Рideal for moving large, long or awkward loads. The PowerSteered range offers capability to move loads up to 30,000kg through a single machine, or more through Multilink, combining the power of multiple electric tugs.

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